Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Big WOW for Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston kept her engagement ring well behind some kind of cover ever since news of her engagement to beau Justin Theroux surfaced. It’s been a months since his proposal and it’s about time we get a glimpse of that ring! Well, Jen finally showed it off to the public on Saturday while the loved-up couple spent some down time in New Mexico.
Gotta say Justin has one heck of a taste when it comes to jewelry! The ring is so big no one will miss it on her finger. Looks like Justin made sure that the ring is as huge as the star he’s marrying.
Based on the photos, Jen’s engagement ring is rectangular is size set in gold. The band seems plain rounded as well. It doesn’t appear to have any kind of embellishment. It doesn’t need any since its size is enough to make everyone go “WOW!”
However, there are many who are criticizing the size of Jen’s ring. I think those are just voices of envy since they will never ever have this kind of jewelry!
What do you think of Jen’s engagement ring? Love it or hate it?

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