Monday, October 8, 2012

Chris Brown Denies Neck Tattoo is Rihanna

Did any of you notice the tattoo on the side of Chris Brown’s neck? That particular tattoo has generated lots of controversy ever since he showed it off to the public earlier this month. A lot of people who saw the tattoo said that it resembled his ex Rihanna.
The tattoo is that of a woman’s face with bruises on her face, a black eye and stitches on her lip. All of these bear a striking resemblance to Rihanna’s photo on the night Chris assaulted her.
Chris’ rep issued a clarification about his client’s tattoo. According to the rep, Chris’ tattoo is a sugar skull which is associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. It is also based on a MAC cosmetics design he saw. The rep clearly denied that it is Rihanna or any abused woman.
Well, I think that Rihanna or not, this is obviously a bad tattoo choice. But it’s too late to change it now since it’s been inked permanently already. Chris can laser it off or he can modify it so that it doesn’t look like the image of a battered woman.
What do you think? Is it Rihanna or not?

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