Monday, October 8, 2012

Lady Gaga Pukes Four Times During Spain Concert

Perhaps Lady Gaga had a little too much during lunch? You see, Mother Monster went puking all over the stage during her concert in Spain on saturday! Remember Justin Bieber did it too, twice, last week during his concert in Arizona. But Lady Gaga topped his puking performance by barfing not just twice but four times!
And what’s worst is everything was captured on video! HD video if you please so, you can really see the nasty vomit pouring from her mouth.
In the video you’ll see Lady Gaga making her way down the staircase with her song “Edge of Glory” playing. Fourth step down the staircase Gaga already gagged somewhat but still she continued on. Then as she reached the male dancer, she threw up again! I think most of the audience couldn’t see what was going on because she had her back on them. The dancer tried to pat her back but when Lady Gaga continued dancing he did the same.
But that was not the end of it! As she continued to dance behind the dancer she puked again! And again! The dancer couldn’t do anything but just continued dancing.
But you have to hand it to her. She’s the handled it like a pro and never missed a step. She even made fun of herself by tweeting a link of the incident.
Which puking concert is more gross, Justin’s or Lady Gaga’s?

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