Monday, October 8, 2012

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Feud Heats Up with Shooting Threat

The bad blood between “American Idol” judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj is far from over! From the blow-up that happened between them on set on October 2 when Nicki cursed Mariah, the situation just got worse after Nicki was overheard threatening to shoot the mother of twins!
Mariah revealed to Barbara Walters on Thursday that when Nicki walked off the set that day she was overheard saying “If I had a gun I would shoot that b***h.”
Knowing about this comment has alarmed Mariah that she’s hired additional security for her and her family’s safety. She has her twins to think about too. But on the other hand, I think Nicki was just furious and so she was able to say some things she didn’t mean.
After Barbara’s Mariah interview was shown yesterday, Nicki immediately took to Twitter to tell people about her side. She said assuming she said something about a gun, people will believe it because she’s a black rapper. But then no camera or mic heard about that comment. She then advised Barbara to say no to violence.
However, she was not yet through! Her next comment might have been meant for Mariah. She said that perhaps it hurts to have the producers say to “your” face that Nicki is the best judge since Simon.
According to Barbara, the two judges have been in meetings together ever since the blow-up on set; however, Nicki has not apologized. Nicki did say that they might fight again but Mariah said they will not. Oh well, looks like another fight’s coming on.

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