Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romeo Beckham Sports Fake Harper Tattoo

Like father like son. This is definitely the case between David Beckham and 10-year-old son Romeo. As you all know, David is known for his numerous tattoos and now it looks like Romeo is following in his stead. The youngster was spotted with a similar tattoo as David’s on his neck during a recent shopping trip with his mom and siblings.
In case you haven’t seen the tattoo, it’s actually Harper’s name and it’s placed on the exact same spot like his father’s. Think he’s too young for a tattoo? You’re right. But don’t worry because Romeo’s is fake.
He just wanted to emulate his father perhaps that’s why his parents relented in him having one. In a few days’ time the fake tattoo will wash off.
But you know what? I think it’s cute that Romeo wanted to ink his sister’s name on his neck as well. There are lots of other great tattoo designs he could choose but he stuck to it. I think it shows his devotion to his baby sister. With three protective older brothers, Harper might have a problem with suitors when she gets older.
But what can you say about Romeo’s tattoo? You think it’s cool or not?

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